Andhra Pradesh a Sinking Ship?

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After bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into two states, the state income had reduced. The investments are not up to the mark till now. The capital is still a question mark for the people of Andhra. The debt in the banks is too high as of now.

The newly formed Government by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is taking the decisions which scares the investors. They are in a dilemma to invest or to withdraw. The Government of AP had recently made a law that 75% of the jobs are to be given to the natives. Though is it is favorable for the natives on their opportunities, it became a major problem for the companies to establish here. They will face some loss in time and money to train the locals according to the requirement. The Government of AP is very clear on this.

This is a serious issue and some of the states are furious about his decision. If it implemented in other states too, then the people of AP working in other states will face serious consequences. This affects the investments in AP.

The policy of a complete ban on liquor is a good decision, but huge income generates through this liquor. The recent liquor policy had increased the rates on every wine bottle. They reduced the number of shops and opening timings. Before the ban of liquor, the government should find an alternative to generate income. The reverse tendering is good as it saves crores of rupees for the government. The companies are not satisfied with this idea which make them to lose their income.

The government policy on sand is disturbing the lives of many small scale workers. They should make the sand available for the people as soon as possible. The power loss became a major issue now, they have to sort it fastly as its a basic need of everyone.

There are many policies given at the time of elections by the YSRCP. After occupying the power with a low income of state it became a challenge for them to fulfill their promises. The serious situations in the state now made everyone to curse the government.

The Government of AP should mainly concentrate on the ways to generate income in the state. There are many pending salaries of employees for many months. It should take the collective decisions which benefit and raises the income of the state. A good relation with central government should be maintained as their help is prominent now.

The people along with opposition parties are looking towards the Government as its a challenge for them. As it is only four months since they took charge, the people hope for the best in the coming days.

The future of Andhra Pradesh lies in the hands of a young leader, hope for the best yet to come.


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