Can Village Secretariats change the fate of Villages?

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Villages are the backbones of India they said. But the backbones are always left behind when it comes to development. Governments are always concentrated on Urbanisation which generates incomes to them. They never listened to the problems in the villages and took advantage of their innocence. The benefits and policies never reached to the roots.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh came up with a great initiation to start Village secretariats. Village secretaries work from their respective villages with a team of government employees from all departments. It will benefit the villagers to easily access them as they are in their village. They don't need to reach towns to appeal for any service. They can simply walk to a village secretariat. The applications will be received and the action will be taken in 72 days. If in case of failure in providing within given time a date will be given to them.

The village volunteers will be helpful to Village secretariats as they find the key issues. They bring it to the notice of Secretariat officials. The Volunteers will coordinate with villagers as the government allowed one volunteer for every 50 houses. They sought out the problems and conclude with happy endings.

There may be a delay in producing governance from the top, but the governance from bottom i,e. from their origin never fails.

Hope the idea of Village Secretariats will work without any fail. The implementation of this should be fair. Every person in the village should be benefited, not regarding their Caste, religion and political party. The implementation like this will surely lift the fate of villages.

This can change the fate at the same time it can also be used to for heavy corruption. The time will reveal whether its a boon or bane.



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