Chandrababu Naidu the attention Seeker

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N Chandrababu Naidu former Cheif Minister of AP is following a strategy to damage the reputation of Ys Jagan Reddy government. After loosing in elections with very less number of seats, many incidents happened in Telugu Desam Party. The people of AP gave a clear mandate to CBN in 2019 elections.

It is visible that Mr. Naidu can't accept the defeat he faced. In recent times his interaction with media is more than any other member in their party.

Senior politician like Naidu should be careful while he passes the words into public. Recently he passed comments on the system of Village Volunteers. He stated that the volunteers are at the doors of lone women with evil intentions. The word which he used hurts the feelings of women. No women will allow any men into their doors.

He should concentrate on the things which benefit the people of AP. There is no point in opposing the ruling government in every aspect. The main role of the Opposition party is to correct the government when they commit any mistake. They should stand on behalf of the people of AP.

Mr. Naidu had made his mark in AP politics and he should take care of his reputation by the actions he is performing now. Politics are for the parties not for the people. Opposing the schemes that benefit the people will be a remark for him.

The fear that people will forget him makes him to seek attention every time. Every time he comes with an issue to divert the attention towards them from government.

It's time for the TDP to change their way of politics. They should take responsibility for the state as the main opposition party. The people of AP expect positive politics and benefits which makes them happy.



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