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  Once again, the controversy erupted on 'Triple Talaq Bill' which was introduced and passed in Lok Sabha yesterday. Everyone tries to develop arguments to suit their own convenience. But the fact remains same. The very idea of justice to the victims must be central objective. Lok Sabha discussed, argued and try to win over their view point. In this context, our Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaissy made a powerful speech in opposing the Bill. He is a good speaker and articulate effectively, no doubt. But his speech is not based on facts. He mixed truth with twists. His main argument is on criminal provisions and singling out Islam alone leaving other religions. Let us examine the validity of his arguments.

  Owaissy Saab mentioned that it is the only divorce which attracts criminal jurisprudence. True, Mr Owaissy. It is the only divorce which attracts three years imprisonment for violation. But in Islam there are nine types of Talaqs, as you said. Except this, no other Talaq attracted any criminal offence. That itself is an answer. Legal Talaq (divorce) does not attract any criminal provisions like divorces in any other religion. Instant Talaq ( Talaq-e-biddad) alone attracts criminal provisions because it is not divorce as mentioned in Quran. It is a bad practice intruded over a period of time which should be looked as social evil in the Muslim Society. So, your comparison of level playing field with other religions is not fact. Once again, for repetition sake, there is a level playing field among all religions as far as legal divorce is concerned.

   Secondly, one must understand that the very purpose of this Bill is to prevent this bad practice in the Muslim society. Such reforms came earlier in other religions also. Dr Ambedkar vociferously argued in favour of Uniform Civil Code. Though he could not succeed in convincing Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru but was successful in bringing Hindu Code Bill reforming Hindu rituals and practices. For the information of record, this Bill was not supported by Hindu Maha Sabha and RSS. Several bad practices were removed through this Bill. Unfortunately, similar exercise was not undertaken in Islamic society. Politics dominated over the merit. During last 70 years, many people tried to reform but vested interested elements within the society did not allow these reforms. We are lucky enough that Supreme Court gave verdict making instant Talaq as null and void. It is a good opportunity to remove this bad practice from Society. Another argument put forth by Owaissy and other speakers that by putting the husband in jail how can they be reunited again. If such argument was accepted, no punishment should be given to oppressors in domestic violence also. The main intention of this Bill is to create fear among the men who wanted to practice illegal instant Talaq. One can argue anything but what is your ultimate object? Whoever develops such arguments wanted status quo in the practice which is not acceptable to the modern society.

   Lastly, Owaissy tried to create division between Hindus and Muslims by raising Sabarimala issue. This approach is dangerous. Where is the religion involved in this issue? Instead of placing facts before the Parliament how this Bill is against the spirit of Supreme Court judgement, he cunningly mixed legal talaq with illegal Talaq and made comparable with other religions. It is neither based on sound facts nor acceptable in civility. In the name of religion, Owaissy is damaging the interests of ordinary Muslim people. Progressive thinkers and liberal persons within Muslim society should not fall prey to such divisive,sectarian propaganda. Let us look it from the angle of gender justice and support the Bill wholeheartedly. Let us be part of mainstream and 21st century thinking and not part of identity politics which is outdated and outlived in the present day society. Owaissy may get elected several times with overwhelming majority but that does not legalize his sectarian and provocative approach. Beware of such tendencies which pollute the society further.


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