Doctors, don't oppose NMC Bill

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   Doctors are now agitating in streets against introduction of 'National Medical Commission Bill' in Lok Sabha. It was second time that Government is making an attempt to bring National Medical Commission Bill. In the earlier Lok Sabha, it was introduced but referred to Standing Committee for scrutiny after large scale protests by Doctors under the banner of IMA. In fact, the reference was second time. Earlier in 2016, the Parliamentary Standing Committee submitted a detailed report about the existing 63 year old 'Medical Council of India' and the need to replace it with more effective body. The standing Committee clearly mentions that the existing MCI has become corrupt, outdated and developed lot of vested interest. The re-election of Modi once again made it possible to bring the legislation to regulate medical education in a comprehensive manner.

    The proposed bill contains 4 autonomous bodies namely, Under-graduate Medical Education Board, Post-graduation Medical Education Board, Medical Assessment and rating Board and Ethics and Medical Registration Board. The salient features of the bill are NEET( National Eligibility and Entrance Test ) for all institutions including AIIMS for Under-graduate Course and NEXT( National Exit Test) , a common test to all colleges at the end of final year of under-graduate course which will act as licence to practice as well as entrance test for PG Courses. It removes police controles and make the colleges more competitive by NEXT. Private and autonomous colleges/institutions will have liberty in fixation of fees for 50% of the seats, thereby the other seas will be regulated by Government fees. The bill also provides a new concept of Community Health Practitioners(CHP) who will be enrolled at mid-level from modern medical practitioners whose number will be one third of regular students. The bill also provides flexibility to medical colleges with lesser supervision from concerned authorities.

  Then, why doctors are agitating? Number one, the addition of CHPs will be detrimental to their interest. Two, they do not want NEXT. Three, they are opposing 50% freedom to Medical Colleges ( This is to win over public to their side). Fourth, structure of NMC gives less weightage to IMA. Except third one, all other objections are to protect their domination in the field. All these years, public suffered heavily because of MCI. Now only, after replacing it with interim Board, more and more medical colleges were opened and thousands of additional seats were granted. It is the contribution of NDA Government. In one sentence, these Doctors wanted restoration of old system so that their hegemony will be continued. As on now, majority of the villages are without qualified doctors, qualified para medical staff. The CHPs will fill the gap in villages if the NMC is approved by Parliament. These things would have been brought long time back. Recently, Modi launched 'Ayushman Bharat' which requires lot of man power at tertiary hospital care as well as at Health and Wellness Centres to be opened massively. All this manpower requirements can be possible only if this bill is passed. Let Doctors realise that their interest is sub ordinary to public interest at large. Of course, all Doctors are not even members of IMA. Famous Doctors fed up with the politics in IMA. Let the Doctors who are agitating should realise that people now understand the agitation and its adverse impact on them. Better Doctors reconcile with the situation and join the Government mission to enlarge medical profession and also to leave the colleges to result driven instead of policing by higher officials. This collective approach by Doctors will be appreciated by People, otherwise, these Doctors will be at receiving end. Let them graciously support the Bill. 


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