India-US to be Global Partners

India-US to be Global Partners,Houstn meeting cemented Indo-US relations,Changing Global equations,USA realised the importance of India

             The Howdy Modi event electrified not only Houston, USA but entire India despite late night.  People in India stick to TVs whole night and watched the event. The event turned historic, unique and memorable. Modi's speech satisfied the crowd and they were overwhelmed with the way Modi spoke. It will be talk of the people for quite some time. The impact of the event is multifold.

      In USA, India has become more popular after this event because of Trump presence and large gathering. The attendance of both Democratic and Republican Representatives gives the importance of the event. India and Indian diaspora are emerged as important group in America. Similarly, Indo-Us relations reached a strategic stage. US now recognised that India should be taken as  valuable and strategic partner in achieving common global goals. Developments around the world are fast changing. USA , the lone power after collapse of Soviet Union is now threatened its position by China. Gradually, China is going to be another Soviet Union in power struggle. USA wanted to reframe strategy accordingly.

   In this background, Modi- Trump bonhomie must be looked into. Trump wanted to take India as strategic partner. India wanted to utilise this opportunity to its advantage. Modi is acting strategically in this direction. It seems that Modi invited Trump to the meeting to cement the relations further and also indirectly hinted Trump that Indian diaspora is the soft power of India. The strategy worked out well. The dilemma if any in India- Pakistan clash is totally gone. Now, USA is firmly with India. USA is looking beyond bilateral ties. Trump wants India to play vital role in global politics as it will neutralise Chinese influence considerably. In near future India- US global partnership is on cards which will benefit both the countries. USA will get trusted ally whereas India will emerge as global leader. That is the reason, this Houston meeting and joint address by Trump and Modi will have long term impact to develop deep relations and to become gradually global partners. 


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