Master stroke by Modi on Kashmir

Master stroke by Modi on Kashmir,Scrapping of Article 370 Bifurcation of J&K,modi master mind on decision over article 360,modi plans over jammu kashmir

        It is a historic day for independent India. No one thought that in the near future Article 370 and 35 A will be out from the constitution. But Modi made it possible. Not only that changing constitutional status of Jammu&Kashmir and bifurcating it it is beyond expectation of anyone. It is a game changing decision. Till now, everyday, we are struggling about the dangerous situation in Kashmir. What is that we are losing by taking risk. The conventional methods adopted by all ruling establishment since it joined with India miserably failed. A totally new experiment is started by Modi. It is a strong dose to the ailing State law and order. 

   Indira Gandhi strengthened eastern border by helping creation of Bangladesh. Modi strengthened western border by removal of Articles 370 & 35 A and temporarily bringing the State as Union Territory. Indira Gandhi was hailed as 'Durga' by Atal Bihari VAJPAYEE in Lok Sabha. Now, what will be the name of MODI? Modi shows his strong willpower like Indira Gandhi. Any change will not come automatically. Leader must have conviction and guts to take risks. Both Indira Gandhi and Modi have these qualities, one must admit. He has taken big risk in his political life. Hope that risk will be successful in the coming days.

   Initially, he has to pass two hurdles. One is legal. The resolution on scrapping of Article 370 & 35 A is going to be challenged in Supreme Court which was already hinted by Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal. The simple resolution in Parliament instead of Constitutional amendment is the method adopted by Amit Shah. Its legal implications will be known only in the Court. The second hurdle is even bigger. Maintaining law and order in J& K in the coming days is not an easy task. It is the biggest risk posing to Modi Government. It all depends on how Modi will be able to convince the common man about the move as if it is in their own interest. The reply given in Rajya Sabha today is very effective and in the same lines in the coming days , a campaign may be launched. If Modi-Shah Duo succeeds in distancing the common man from political class, they will be successful. Otherwise, it will be a big risk. They are trying to buildup the mass movement through Panchayats. Secondly, they are planning delimitation exercise in Jammu and Kashmir before going to Assembly elections though the powers of Assembly will be limited after becoming Union Territory.

    J&K measures of Modi Government receives overwhelming support from public allover the country. It is a master stroke from Modi. People are already talking that Amit Shah is second Vallabhai Patel. Now, competition is between Modi and Amit Shah. No competition from others. Congress day by day becoming irrelevant . It did not judge the mood of people. By opposing this historic Bills and resolutions, it is further alienated from the public. Many parties judged the mood and supported Government. Apart from NDA allies, several political parties like BSP, AAP, YSRCP, TDP, TRS , BJD extended support to the Government. JD(U) opposed the Bill. Indirectly hinting, Amit Shah quoted Ram Manohar Lohia, Madu Limaye how they supported the scrapping of the Articles. Similarly quoted Communist leaders. Time has come to Socialists and Communists to self-introspection or questioning the wisdom of their leaders. 

   Now, J&K is almost reached the destiny of full integrated part of India. Only one day left over to this historic occasion awaiting the decision of Lok Sabha tomorrow. Once it is passed in Lok Sabha, India will reach to global community and islamic world how it is essential to incorporate the changes. Pakistan is now relieved one way from panic conditions that gripped them for the last few days  on the rumours that India will invade POK. But the decision of GOI is shock to Pakistan. The second term of Modi started with big and daring decisions like J&K Bills, Talaq Bill, National Medical Council Bill, Motor Vehicle(Amendment ) Bill etc. Out of all these, his master stroke is J&K reforms. Coming days are very crucial, let us watch.


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