Mob lynching, an evil practice

Mob lynching is an evil practice,Mob lynching should be banned by law,Mob lynching reflects the status of society,Mob lynching is a feudal practice,Cow slughter should be avoided by muslims as a respect to faith of Hindus

           Mob lynching has been regular phenomena and appearing in the news at regular intervals. It symbolises the status of society. Indian society is yet to adopt modern , democratic philosophy in full scale. On the basis of religious beliefs, rumour mongering, superstitions people are resorting to mob lynching. Khap Panchayat though can not be equated with mob lynching , it is also a social dictat beyond the laws of the land. All these are symptoms of feudalistic practices of society.

  It varies from area to area. Hindi heartland is more witnessing mob lynching on the issue of cow slaughter. Rumours of child lifting, black magic, mystic powers are also reasons for mob lynching across the country. These things are not happening first time. A wrong news is being spread that mob lynching is new phenomena after BJP came into power.It is not based on facts. For example , take the case of Hindi area. Cow is regarded as semi God and cow slaughter hurt the hearts of many Hindu devotees. Even earlier, this type of mob lynching used to take place. Now, there is more awareness when compared to earlier times. Instead of politicising the issue, all must create awareness about the dangers of taking law into the hands of people. Fast courts must be created to speed up the justice to the victims. Government must be proactive in lodging FIRs quickly against the culprits. Law and order is state subject and all State Governments irrespective of political parties should take stringent action against the culprits. Also, Union Government should bring an act banning mob lynching with stringent punishment clauses. Here is a word of advice. Cow being the sacred animal for 100 crore Hindus, others may also try to respect their sentiment . In this regard, Jamiat Ulama i Hind, the largest and oldest islamic religious organisation which is going to complete 100 years next month gave an advisory to Muslims that let the slaughter of white animal be avoided as a respect to the sentiment of other faith. Jamiat Ulama i Hind is widely respected organisation among Muslims in India. This type of gestures also build confidence among Hindus about  Muslims. Respecting others faiths is always treated as confidence building measure  and such measures should be followed by all religions.

  Even South India is not an exception . Yesterday, one incident occured in Hyderabad surroundings. Suspecting that one Mr Anjaneyulu is practicing black magic  and some of family members got illness because of that he was burnt alive by relatives of her. Can we believe such things in the era of 21st century? But this type of news are appearing in the media regularly. Even after 72 years of Independence, the symptoms of feudal society are clearly visible. A social awareness campaign should be launched all over India against this type of practices. It is the only answer by all sociologists, NGOs, political parties instead of politicizing the issue.



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