Provocations without substance on language issue

Provocations without substance on language issue,Hindi as common language,South is disadvantageous position by not learning Hindi,Learning Hindi not degrading regional languages

      Language issue has been dominated the politics and media for almost a week without much substance. The speech given by Amit Shah was the trigger point for this political upheaval. Tamil Nadu  is in forefront in leading this movement. As usual, other southern states followed suit without applying their mind. What exactly Amit Shah said. Hindi can be developed as common language in the country and it acts as unifier. At the same time, he emphasised that regional languages must be encouraged and practiced. He never talked about replacing regional language with Hindi. 

  The immediate reaction from DMK is that it is an attack on their language and identity. And other vernacular language media started speaking as if Amit Shah and BJP is against their regional identity and trying to  impose Hindi. Even now, no concrete evidence was shown as proof to their allegations. On the eve of 'Hindi Diwas Day' , while attending the function, saying few words about Hindi has become controversial and provocative.

  It is nothing but digging mole out of mountain. Why Tamilnadu is reacting always in such a manner whenever language debate takes place? Why Tamilnadu not implemented three language formula when all other States implemented? Is it crime and sin to talk about the need of evaluation of one common language across the country? If so, is it degradation of other languages? When you accept English as link language ( other than your mother tongue) , what is the problem with Hindi? Is it not fair to develop largest speaking Indian language as common language? 

 Any language other than mother tongue is alien to humans. In India, there are several languages recognised under Schedule of Constitution. Similarly, it was also mentioned in the Constitution about the need of common language and according official status. Hindi , being the largest speaking language is the natural choice and the same is recognised by Constitution. Where is the controversy? Though it was recognised as official language, in subsequent Acts, it is clearly mentioned that it will be implemented as and when non-Hindi State Assemblies and Parliament passed the resolutions accordingly. There ends the matter. It can not be implemented without passing it non-Hindi State assemblies. Knowing fully well these provisions, why political parties are playing to the gallery? 

  Simply advocating and promoting Hindi to learn and practice is not something sin. Imposition is bad but not advocating because if not today, some other day, one common language is to be evolved. Particularly, southern people are at disadvantageous position when they went for Delhi. Even DMK knows it. Take for example, Telangana and Andhra. Leaders from Telangana are able to better communicate than Andhra people in Delhi and are able to get the things done more comfortably because of their free conversation in Hindi. That is the reason that circumstances force the people to learn Hindi due its predominance in India. Learning Hindi does not mean degrading other languages. It is a wrong  and misleading interpretation.

  Mahatma Gandhi advocated it. His mother tongue is not Hindi. Several non-Hindi leaders felt the need of Hindi as link language. Again, repeatingly telling that it is not at the cost of regional languages. Let everyone think coolly. Emotions and provocations will not give solutions.  


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