RTC strike bangs the people of Telangana

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The strike made by the Telangana RTC employees had become a nightmare to the middle-class people. Their stand on merging the RTC into the Government is not an easy task. The employee union along with nearly 50,000 employees had called off the services from the past 3 days. The services by them are completely shut down. The issue had heated up and turned the situations at its extreme level.

The RTC employees had given their notice to the government of Telangana a month ago. The Government had commissioned a three-member committee to look up this issue. The discussions between the committee and the RTC union had failed and resulted in a strike.

The fight between the Union and the government had reached its extreme point now. KCR is well known for his dictatorship and his strategies, as part of it, he ordered for the removal of employees who boycotted their duties.

The employees fighting for their lives, the government on its stand due to various reasons. The problem is now for the passengers who depend on the buses for their daily living. They are most affected now based on these consequences. Though the Government finding the ways to provide the services to the people, it's not sufficient on the present requirement.

The Private travels took this as an advantage and robbing the pockets of the need. They are charging double prices compared to the daily charges they spend. The people who can afford that price are using this transportation. The rest are still searching for an alternative to avoid this price hike.

There are many ways to protest against the government. Most of the people agree with the reason for their strike. The only thing matters here is RTC is a service to the public. It is not just a job, it is a responsibility.

When a situation like Benefits vs Responsibility, the responsibilities are should be given top priority. The struggle of people should be noticed by the RTC union and reconsider their continuation of strike.


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