TRS and Media answerable to Nation

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   Media behaves irresponsibly most of the time. It focuses trivial issues and undermines important issues.  Yesterday, one important news has come out. 14 terrorists who were nabbed by NIA revealed that they are planning to target Prime Minister Modi.  This terror module operates in Tamilnadu and UAE. On Saturday, NIA arrested Syed Mohammad Bukhari in Chennai and Hassan Ali and Harish Mohammad in Nagapattinam who revealed that 14 more are in Delhi coming from UAE. On tip of this information, NIA arrested these 14 people and brought them in special flight to Chennai and produce  before NIA Special Court. All of them were sent to judicial custody. According to reports, they wanted to foment trouble and unrest in Tamilnadu. Also, they targeted Modi, it was reported. It was a very serious matter . There is a serious threat to the life of Modi, the Prime Minister. But unfortunately, the media focus is not  on top headlines but a small report inside. 

   Is Media so reckless towards the country? Time has come to expose these pseudo champions of democracy.  For anyone, nation first, All next. But for media their ratings first and All next.  Incidentally, today only Parliament approved NIA amendment bill which empowers Government to proceed against terrorists in other countries also. It was passed two days back in Lok Sabha which was opposed by people like Owaissi. Today in Rajya Sabha, his ally TRS walked out on the pretext of not referring to Select Committee.  The action and approach of TRS is highly condemnable. We can understand the parties like Majlis, CPM and CPI for reasons known to All. But TRS joining hands with them is shocking. Assuming that the bill was referred to Select Committee and it take its own time. Meanwhile, information came that some terrorists were hiding in other countries with whom we reach international pacts. In the absence of this amendment, can country affordable not to pursue serious action? Is it not treacherous act? One can oppose, differ on any issue but not on national security.  TRS must be answerable to the people why they joined hands trying to delay passing of NIA amendment Act? Again in Media, this may not be big issue in tomorrow's news. But Nation wants to know. People of Telangana wants to know . Let TRS respond to the people.


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