Now KCR eyes Stamps & Registrations Department!

After having introduced new Revenue Act in the state as well as in Legislative Assembly and having got it passed, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has now set his eyes on Stamps and Registrations department and wants to clean it so that the corruption will be minimised.

It is understood the CM is under firm belief that after revenue department, Stamps and Registrations department was highly corrupt and that there is a need to bring about a radical change that will if not stop, reduce corruption as well as make the department more people friendly.

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It is also understood by KCR that document writers are playing a key role in relation to the Stamps and Registrations department. In order to bring about a transparency with regards to these document writers, the state government has decided to provide licences to document writers and only those with licence can operate while others will not be allowed.

The document writers who operate in the surroundings of the local registration offices are considered to be the kingpins in operating all the things as well as are the source of corruption. These people usually operate from small places around the registration offices without any rules and regulations and they are all connected to the officials concerned.

In order to streamline the document writers, the state government was considering conducting written examinations and issue licences to eligible candidates. With the registration of agriculture lands likely to start soon, here again the role of document writers is crucial. Hence to have a transparent system which is corrupt free, KCR was considering licence system for document writers.

Even after introducing licence system for document writers, they are found to be involved in corrupt practices or involved in illegal activities, the government will take action by cancelling their licence and followed by other penalties. The state government believes that this will bring about change and corruption will be minimised.

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This apart, the state government was also mulling having tariff for documentation work and people can pay a standard price for any kind of documentation. There will be no more scope for charging as per document writer’s whims and fancies.

As all these are being planned to be introduced in couple of weeks, the state government has also decided to transfer the staff at sub-registrar’s offices including the sub-registrar. There have been no transfers in Stamps and Registrations department since seven years, so this move will help in curbing the corruption to great extent.

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