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Women are agents of progression and change




Progression is the inevitable change which brings about true happiness. And this task is very well imbibed by women all around the globe. We already know by now, that most societies are patriarchal in nature and the change in this type of system can only be brought about by change in mindsets which alone can lead to progressive thinking and since most women fuel this type of patriarchy, the mental attitude is what needs to be changed.

Going by this logic, both men and women need to understand they have a valuable role to play in the world. This kind of upliftment or empowerment can be brought about by covering four key areas, namely health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation which alone can lead to economic development of a women rising in whatever area, be it rural or urban setup.

Ways in which women can rise out of ashes of darkness

The following are some keys issues not to be ignored by anyone to remove scars of pain from their lives. They are,

  • Wealth in the hands of women ensures not just economic stability to the family, but it also ensures that children complete education. So, let her work in fields or in a corporate set up. Having a work culture in mind and at home is a must for growth and development.
  • Plus most don’t believe that every life is valuable and has something to contribute. And that is a barrier to overall development, especially for girls and women which are not that obvious to most. Sad isnt it. Once people start believing that every single finger in the hand has a purpose, the beautiful and better is the society. Because everything that is good under the sun would then automatically will flow like a healthy river with such a positive mindset which again is lacking in conventional societies.

Things like having toilets for women, women participation in public meetings, girl education, everything would be solved. Because empowered women are the best agents of change as they know how to adapt to poverty, they can manage development at best too.

This is what I meant when I stated, ” women are agents of progression and change.” If most humans can understand this, there is definite hope and scope for progression and change not just in women but everyone and everything under the ambit of society. With this, everyone under the umbrella shines. So dont just garden women’s mind everyday also water the minds of men and society so as to enjoy the best and tasty fruits of all our efforts in the form of strong millennials.



COVID Times: Don’t Ignore Mental Health!



An atmosphere of fear, gloom has surrounded all of us as… India is battling with second wave of coronavirus. We are witnessing overflowing crematorium, cries for oxygen beds, ICUs, Twitter exploding with SOS calls, etc. Ever since the pandemic has started, the entire situation of the world has been changed and it’s taking a toll on the mental health of all of us as well.

Beating anxiety in the hard times of COVID-19 is very important. People are dealing with the loss of their loved ones and are becoming financially week. It’s very distressing to see to that most of the social media is filled with the posts that are showing the worst face of the country – people running hospital to hospital for the beds and the scarcity of oxygen, etc., On an overall note, it’s a very scary situation but at the same time, most of the people are recovering.

Coping up with the situation is quite important. Acceptance is the key to deal with the current situation. Knowing the actual truth is important. Those who have tested positive for COVID-19 should trust the doctor who is treating him or her. This is not the time to figure out the blame, it’s time to give positive messages which is very important for the collective well being.

We suffer more from imagination than the reality. Those who have been affected with the disease shouldn’t get panic and must face the disease courageously. There are clear cut indications – Those with mild symptoms, (loss of smell, taste, light fever) and asymptomatic can easily be managed at home. Such patients can be well taken care with oral tablets and best monitoring system. It is important to have a Pulse Oximeter that gives us oxygen saturation levels and thermometer.

People who have got moderate or serious symptoms like the levels of oxygen getting down by more than 3% than base level then they should get admitted into the hospital.  A face mask is not a style wear, it’s should be above your nose and below the chin, keep a distance, sanitise your hands. If we adapt and adopt all these patterns, we will be able to deal the situation. The impact of today is felt tomorrow.

Exercise for atleast 25 to 30 minutes per day and avoid junking on pizzas, burgers and fried foods. Avoid alcohol and nicotine. Online meditation, yoga, music, playing with your dear ones online can just keep you mentally strong. Sleep well, do some breathing exercises or can go for simple spirometer. Spiritual behaviour does have its role. If you are struggling just speak your mind out and go for a help. It’s ok to not to feel ok.

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Few Tips To Discipline Your Teenager



When your child reaches the age of adolescence, your parenting role is likely to change. You may have to discover new ways to be in sync with your children who are in teens.

Teenage is the time when children want to explore new things and it is the phase that decides their future. So, it is very important for the parents to guide them to make a better version of themselves.

The meaning of ‘Disciplining a teen’ is different – Some parents trust their children to the core whereas some parents always keep an eye on them and try to control them. There is nothing in both the ways but there are a few pros and cons in these approaches. Here are a few tips to discipline teenagers in a correct manner.

Typical teenage behaviour:
Adolescence can be a tumultuous time for teens as they change physically, emotionally, and socially. When they are young, they would like to share every detail with you but as they grow, friends and romantic relationships play a pivotal role in their life. They would love to spend time with their peers and also wants more privacy.

  • Keep some limits on your children. If they cross the limits despite repeated reminders, it’s time to act, they deserve to be grounded.
  • Don’t take away the privileges of the children without explaining them. If you don’t explain them, it would lead to false assumptions and strong protests from your teenager.
  • It is always important to keep some rules. It is okay even if they break the rules some times, but it continues, let them understand that parent’s love and affection can’t be taken for granted.
  • Experience is the best teacher. Sometimes, don’t take the side of your teenager for their mistakes, let them face the consequences of their actions. However, make sure your child learns a valuable life lesson out of the experiences, but it continues, let them understand that parent’s love and affection can’t be taken for granted.
  • Never ever issue commands, tell them in a soothing manner.
  • Give some responsibilities to your teenager and give them a chance to correct their mistakes.

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Five Tips To Make Your Little One Listen To You!



It is not an easy task to make your little one listen to you, isn’t it? A big yes. A mother has to deal with tantrums, aggression, mood swings, screaming of their kids. Dealing with all these is a difficult task. Here are five tips that will help you in dealing with your toddlers.

Give short and crisp instructions:

Although you may want your toddler to do a lot of things, it’s best to give them one instruction at a time and keep your instructions short and sweet. It is all known knowledge that toddlers have short attention spans and giving them many orders will be a waste of time.

Speak Calmly:

It is quite normal for a toddler to not to pay attention to what you say and as a parent, you may get frustrated. But be calm when speaking with your little one. Toddlers struggle with sudden bursts of anger and frustration. Reacting with similar emotions to the little one does not fix the problem and it only makes them react in a more aggressive manner and it just causes them to respond similarly.

Spend some quality time together:

It is an important thing to spend some quality time with your little one. Kids always observe you and you are their role model. So, try to talk with them in a cool manner, play games with them, have meals together. This will increase toddlers’ communication skills and also improves listening skills.

Have an eye to eye contact:

When speaking to your toddler, particularly if you want them to listen to you. You sit, or lie next to them and talk while looking into their eyes. As a result, your toddler will have your full attention and will pay attention to what you have to say.

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