YCP minister faces threat from his own people..! 

YCP minister's most trusted social class is digging holes behind him

One night is enough to turn the tables in politics and the possession of power evades as an illusion in a brisk of the second. It is a surreal case with the people in prominent posts as they have to fight for their own post being cautious of the most extreme conditions. There are too many classic examples in the history of this scenario from which we can derive an instrumental case study for the future generations and this YSRCP minister really needs one.

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AP Endowments minister, Vijayawada West constituency MLA Velampalli is in a confused state after a drastic turn around of events. Vellmapalli, who belongs to the Arya Vaishya community got the ministry when Kolagotla Veerabhadra Swamy rested all his hopes on the same ministry from the YSRCP supremo. 

Now, Srinivas is very desperate to keep his position in the cabinet as he sensed some danger form his own community. Maddali Giridhar, who had won from Guntur West in the TDP elections a few years back, was brought by Velampally and was included in the YCP. Maddali is also a leader of the Vaishya social class. 

However, Giri’s supporters are doing a strange campaign saying that their leader will get the Endowments ministry from the clutches of Vellmaplalli, and hearing this, the present AP minister has become distraught. 

There is a possibility of a cabinet reshuffle in another year. If Velampalli is missed in this order, ever-ready Kolagatla should be given a chance. However, he is being blocked by another senior minister in the YCP. If he is put aside with this, the existing opportunity should go to Maddali Giri. So, it is very clear that Velampalli is suffering due to increasing competition in his own social category.

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